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Electric flight is on the horizon

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Meet the VX4 15

Battersea to Heathrow 12 mins

Regional flight, reimagined. Skip the underground, and experience the efficiency and ease of electric flight. We’re taking airport transfers skybound with the VX4.

Meet the VX4 14

Our commitment to safety

Certified to stringent safety standards, the VX4 is designed to meet the same levels required of commercial passenger airliners.

Meet the VX4 13

Space to sit comfortably

The VX4 cabin has a spacious seating arrangement and generous cargo capacity. Plenty of room for you, and your luggage.

Meet the VX4 12

The joy of flight

The interior captures the essence of electric flight; combining innovative materiality and considered design. A space to relax, stay connected, and enjoy the view.

Meet the VX4 11

Flexible flight configurations

To offer maximum versatility, the VX4’s modular design can be adapted to meet different customer needs, and serve a range of markets over its operational lifetime.

Tilt-shift propellers

Carbon fibre composite construction. Exceptional engineering. Eight propellers control the elevation and direction of the VX4 with ultimate precision.

Meet the VX4 10

Low Noise Signature (LNS) technology

The VX4’s refined acoustics and aerodynamics minimise noise in hover, and cruise. Making it virtually imperceptible in urban environments.

Meet the VX4 7

Flight control system

We’ve partnered with Honeywell to install their world-class avionics and flight control systems in the VX4. All-digital — for performance upgrades and enhancements over time.

Meet the VX4 5

Carbon composite airframe

Our partners at Solvay and Leonardo pair scientific research with technological brilliance to produce the VX4’s strong, lightweight airframe. Engineering that makes electric flight possible.

The height of certification

The VX4 aircraft will meet global UK CAA/EASA SC-VTOL enhanced category certification standards, the same level of safety as current passenger airliners.

Cruise speed






In-flight experience

4 passengers, 1 pilot

Tilt-shift propellers

Elevation, to the power of eight

Sound Design

Near silent in flight

Avionics and flight control

Cruising at 150 miles an hour


A new kind of craft

We’re changing urban transport. And change takes true collaboration on every level. Meet the top-tier partners working to design electric air mobility and to bring our shared vision to life.

Battery Power

Taking charge of advancements in power and storage at the Vertical Energy Centre (VEC)

Blending experience from the European Space Agency, Airbus, McLaren and Dyson — our VEC team developed our proprietary battery technology. Molicel supplies cylindrical cells to achieve the high power, low impedance and fast charging required to make VX4 flight possible, and practical.


This is the cutting-edge carbon composite engineering defining eVTOL flight

Powerful, predictable performance. Our in-house experts have developed the VX4 propeller’s design to balance aerodynamics, mass and noise to maximise aircraft performance in flight.


Honeywell elevates the control and experience of the VX4 with their flight control system

Compliant with aerospace cyber security regulations and UK CAA and EASA SC-VTOL enhanced category certification standards of safety, the system will benefit from digital upgrades and cloud data insights to enhance and optimise all-electric flight today, and tomorrow.

The VX4 is a craft of it’s own — the result of years of innovation, building and testing by our dedicated team of world-class engineers.

No shortcuts where
safety is concerned

eVTOL’s are altogether a different craft than a helicopter — especially when it comes to safety. Complex rotors, gearboxes and critical systems require helicopter inspections and maintenance at least every 100 flying hours.

In comparison, the VX4’s eight sets of propellers with simplified pitch control are uncomplicated and low maintenance. That’s why we’re on track to achieve the same level of safety standards as a large commercial aircraft.