Order Book

1,400+ aircraft with a total pre-order value of over $5bn.

We have a market-leading eVTOL order book. Explore the map to see where the VX4 will land in a city near you.

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With one of the largest order books in the world, Vertical is currently set to produce 1,400+ aircraft with a total value of over $5bn.

The VX4 will connect people and destinations globally. These cities are transforming urban mobility, and making it happen.

Faster airport connections to and from London

City to departure gate in minutes, not hours

The VX4 will connect Londoners with Heathrow—one of the world’s busiest airports. Flyers will avoid congestion and navigate key transport hubs quickly. The convenience of a taxi drop-off, but elevated.

Travel together to
downtown Miami, USA

Ridesharing to skip the traffic jams 
for a speedier downtown ride

Accelerating commutes for coworkers, or offering aerial views of the sunshine state for vacationers, the VX4 will offer ridesharing services for an enjoyable and accessible way to get around Miami.

Transforming transport networks from Osaka, Japan

Regional routes between densely-populated urban centres and remote, rural islands

Japan, a market leader in Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), is planning to showcase and commercialise AAM services at the 2025 Osaka World Expo. With emergency medical services, airport connections, tourism and cross-island flights, the VX4 will transform national travel.

Versatile by design

Remarkably, the VX4’s capabilities extend far beyond passenger flights. Agile enough to provide rapid emergency response. Fast enough to transport time-critical medical resources. Flexible enough to deliver cargo. The sky’s the limit.

Setting our sights on certification

The Journey to

This has never been done before. So we’re establishing the pathway to certification, together.

We’re the only eVTOL manufacturer to have certification and validation programmes with five airworthiness regulators. Working with the UK CAA and four other agencies globally, we are committed to targeting the highest certification standards in order to launch the VX4 into service internationally.