At Vertical Aerospace we’re building a world-class ecosystem of international partners and suppliers who are helping us realise our mission of pioneering electric aviation.

Building the VX4, the
UK's first eVTOL

From day one, the Vertical approach has been to stay completely focused and minimise risk. That’s why we continue to efficiently build an ecosystem of top-tier partners across the value chain. Scaling up our own in-house expertise with the R&D, aviation and technological brilliance of our partners.

electric aviation

We’re looking for suppliers with innovative technology or ideas to help us take the VX4 prototype to certification and beyond. Each supplier brings a unique service or product, but all share a commitment to our values of openness, safety, courage and ingenuity. Together, we’re revolutionising the way we travel for a more sustainable future.

Interested in becoming 
a supplier or partner?

If work packages or opportunities are identified, a member of the supply chain team will contact you directly with an invitation to provide more information or participate in a tender.